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You are welcome to RCCG Salvation Theatre, a place of spiritual operation unto salvation. If you are interested in a church where you truly want to fellowship with Christians in an atmosphere devoid of prejudice,



SUNDAY SCHOOL ~ 10am - 11am




BIBLE STUDY ~ 5:30pm-7:15pm

Tuesdays - via Zoom

Meeting ID: 922 4169 1820
Passcode: 028681

NIGHT VIGIL ~ 9pm -12:30am

Second Fridays

Choir Rehearsals ~4pm


Who We Are 

Our Identity and Root

Salvation Theatre is a part of The Redeemed Christian Church of God and was birthed by Majesty Court Parish through a house fellowship that started in March 14th 1999. The Church was inaugurated in Dec. 5th 1999, when it took off with a membership of five adults and three children.

Growth and Progress

Over the years, by the grace of God, Salvation Theatre has continued to wax stronger and stronger, taking root downward and upward, as well as increasing in stature laterally, as God enlarges our coast. Our first daughter parish was birthed in Wolverhampton in 2004 and we have been able to birth seven other thriving parishes in Birmingham. Salvation Theatre has also raised several men and women of God who have since moved on and are impacting the kingdom of God in their own individual capacity, in different parts of the world, through other ministries. In particular, Salvation Theatre, through her resident Pastor, Tunde Lawal, has been keenly and massively involved in raising and developing people through the Bible college, by operating a satellite campus of the Christ the Redeemer College of the RCCG mission in the UK, since 2003, when the College was inaugurated.


The general vision of Salvation Theatre is to see Jesus Christ glorified in Birmingham, the Midlands, our immediate habitation and without doubt, globally. We want to see the light of God – “the light of life” shine over territories, such that the inhabitants will experience joy, peace and spiritual fulfilment in God Almighty, through the name of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Adamson Tunde Lawal

 Pastor Adamson Tunde Lawal, the resident Pastor of Salvation Theatre, is a professionally trained Medical Doctor, who specialised in Psychiatry. He answered the call of God in Christ, in August 1993, following which he relocated to the United Kingdom in 1994, initially with the aim of furthering his medical profession, but this purpose was soon overtaken by the call of God into the ministry becoming more prominent and urgent

Pastor Yemisi Felicia Lawal

Pastor Mrs Yemisi Felicia Lawal, the first lady of Salvation Theatre, is a trained food technologist who lectured in home economics in a College of Education before relocating to the UK with her husband in 1994. She taught food technology for several years in secondary schools, in the UK, and later retired to start a personal business in 2011.

We are primarily concerned with salvation of souls. We work toward our salvation, the salvation of our loved ones and other people in our environment both immediate and distant.

 We understand the power of prayer and the need to work with the Holy Spirit, who is truly the unseen worker of every living church.

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Join Us

Feel free to join any of our Departments

1. Choir

Salvation Theatre Choir aka Jesus Worshippers is a ministry that exalts the Lord and change lives through music. 

2. Prayer

This is a team of prayer champions dedicated to lifting the church up in God’s prayers at all times.


The ushering department is the first point of contact for everyone who comes into the church, and they ensure good organisation and orderliness during all programmes

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