You are welcome to Salvation Theatre, a place of spiritual operation unto salvation. If you are interested in a church where you truly want to fellowship with Christians in an atmosphere devoid of prejudice, where righteousness and true love of God prevail and where there is delight in embracing the undiluted word of God; you have found the right place! In Salvation Theatre we see ourselves as a family of God, where everyone is made comfortable in a fellowship of multicultural congregation. It does not matter who you are, your age, gender, colour or race. As long as you are ready to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and embrace His word and doctrine, you will find a refuge in Salvation Theatre and you will be spiritually fulfilled.

Just as the name suggests, we are primarily concerned with salvation of souls. We work toward our salvation, the salvation of our loved ones and other people in our environment and influence, both immediate and distant. To this end, we take evangelism seriously, being a great commission from our Lord Jesus Christ. We also believe in the power of God to heal and to work miracle in the lives of people, in this generation just as recorded in the bible during the time of the early Christians. We understand the power of prayer and the need to work with the Holy Spirit, who is truly the unseen Worker of every living church. Perhaps because of this, we enjoy so much grace in Salvation Theatre. Glory be to God! You can be a partaker of this grace too. You are welcome!