Pastoral Leadership

Over the years, by the grace of God, Salvation Theatre has been waxing stronger and stronger as God enlarges our coast.

Pastor Adamson Tunde Lawal


Adamson Tunde Lawal, the resident Pastor of Salvation Theatre, is a professionally trained Medical Doctor, who specialised in Psychiatry. He answered the call of God in Christ, in August 1993, following which he relocated to the United Kingdom in 1994, initially with the aim of furthering his medical profession, but this purpose was soon overtaken by the call of God into the ministry becoming more prominent and urgent. Having served actively in various other vibrant ministries prior to this time, he joined the RCCG UK mission and bowed to the immediate call to start a house fellowship for the Redeemed Christian Church of God in his Birmingham residence in March 1999, under the supervising pastoral leadership of Pastors Bioye and Biodun Segun of RCCG Majesty Court, London. He was in the process of relocating to Canada with his immediate family to assume a new Job as a Consultant Psychiatrist in August 1999, when the Lord mandated him to abandon that goal and start the church RCCG Salvation Theatre, which was eventually inaugurated in Dec 5, 1999. He is married to Pastor Yemisi Lawal and are blessed with three godly children, who are all actively engaged in serving the Lord with him in the work of the ministry.

Pastor Tunde Lawal is an enthusiastic teacher of the word of God and seasoned and fervent intercessor. He delights in teaching the word of God with aim of establishing righteousness and enlargement of the Kingdom of Christ and has massively and continuously influenced men and women, as well as youths alike, through the church ministry, and through his involvement with the RCCG Bible College in Birmingham, nationally and internationally. He also operates in the gift of song writing and has been graced by the Lord to compose several songs, numbering over fifty, as at the last count, for the kingdom of God. Some songs composed by Pastor Adamson Tunde Lawal (click here). He is also an author and prolific writer, who has written several devotional nuggets through his weekly church bulletin and has published seven books till date, with several more in the pipeline. See books published by Pastor Adamson Tunde Lawal (click here). Pastor Lawal resigned from active secular job of his profession into full time ministry since August 2011.

Pastor Mrs Yemisi Felicia Lawal


Pastor Mrs Yemisi Felicia Lawal, the first lady of Salvation Theatre, is a trained food technologist who lectured in home economics in a College of Education before relocating to the UK with her husband in 1994. She taught food technology for several years in secondary schools, in the UK, and later retired to start a personal business in 2011.

She has been a pillar of support for her husband in the work of the ministry, through which platform she has affected the lives of men and women, and families, in many ways. She is a fervent soul winner, an evangelist, and a true ambassador of the kingdom of God, the gifts she had manifested severally to the benefits of the works of the ministry, alongside her husband.

Pastor Yemisi Lawal is gifted in social and relationships connection and has been a huge blessing through this gift in advancing the church ministry. She has been instrumental in initiating the soup kitchen project of Salvation Theatre which started in 2020. She is also the coordinator of the Israeli tour, a new ministry project, which she helped to initiate, and which is actualised under the auspice of the Light of Life ministries. She is also a successful entrepreneur, who is rendering valuable service to the body of Christ and general society.